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The Truth About Your Title Loan Could Shock You

Are your car title loan payments too big for your budget? Are you in danger of losing your car because of a loan you took out during an emergency? Title Loan Buyouts is here to help you with lower payments and lower rates.

People usually take out car title loans when they’re having some kind of emergency. They’re so happy to get the cash they need that they don’t pay attention to the terms of the loan until it’s time to pay. Dishonest lenders take advantage of this and sneak high interest rates and other bad terms into the loan.

At, our job is to help you get free from greedy title lenders. We’ll give you a new, more reasonable loan and make sure that the old loan is paid off.

Less reputable lenders have lots of ways of getting you so deep in debt that you can never finish paying—and never get your car back.

Suppose you take out a title loan for $999. The lender says the rate is 22% which sounds just like a credit card rate, so you take the loan. What the lender didn’t tell you is that the credit card charges 24% a year, but the title loan costs 22% a month.

What’s the difference? The interest on the credit card is $10 a month. The interest on the title loan is $220 a month! If you can’t pay off everything on time, the lender offers you an extension at an even higher rate—and you never get out of debt.


TitleLoanBuyOuts to the rescue! We hate to see people get trapped this way.

Banks that Buyout Title LoansWhen we loan you money we quote the annual rate (called APR) just like a credit card company does.

The interest-free loan is another trap. It sounds good at first because the payments are small. But it’s really a bad deal because you NEVER pay down the principle. That means you never get your car back, no matter how much you pay.

At, we hate interest-only loans. We want to help you, not cheat you. All of our loans are amortized. That means that you pay some principle and some interest with every payment. Because our loans last longer than title loans, you pay back your principle in reasonable monthly amounts.

We know that emergencies can happen at any time, so we also want to help people who have been making car payments, but don’t’ have a clean title yet.   Our banks can help you borrow up to $2999.

At, we have a mission. We want to rescue you from sneaky overpriced loans and help you find a payment plan that works with your budget. Don’t lose more time worrying about those title loan payments. Let us find you a loan that lets you sleep at night.